Southern Pacific 'Black Widow' EMD F7A & B - HO - Proto 2000  DCC + Sound

Southern Pacific 'Black Widow' EMD F7A & B - HO - Proto 2000 DCC + Sound

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"Black Widow" Livery





Proto 2000 - Limited Edition

Factory fitted DCC & Sound, Mars Lights.


HO Scale


Manufactures features:- 

Helical Gears for Ultra-Quiet & Smooth Running * Five-Pole, Skew-Wound, High Torque, High Efficiency Can Motor * Heavily Weighted for Maximum Traction * Both A&B Units Powered * Painted Metal Grab Irons, Ladder Stand-Offs, Handrails & Lift Rings * Correct Coupling Distance Between A & B Units * Most Authentic Bulldog Nose Ever Done * Correct Windshield Slope * Road-Specific Horn, Spark Arrestors and other Roof Details * Roof Panel Weld Lines * Correctly Sized Bolt Heads * Complete Scale Fuel Tank w/Hangers, Battery Box, Air Tank & Underframe Detail * Working Headlight w/Bezel & Recessed Lens * Working Mars Light as Appropriate - Works on DC or DCC * With or Without Dynamic Brakes to Match Prototypes * Correct Style Lighted Numberboards * Bright Sunny White LED Lighting * Separate, Clear Class Lights * Full Cab Interior w/Crew Figures * Proto MAX(TM) Metal Knuckle Couplers * Full or Partial Fuel Tank Skirts to Match Prototypes * Correct Grab Iron Style & Placement for Each Roadname * Freight, Passenger or Snowplow Pilot * Sideframes w/Road Specific Journals & With or Without Automatic Train Stop (ATS) Shoe and Speed Recorder as Appropriate * Nose Lift Rings as Appropriate * Operating Diaphragms as Appropriate * Etched Metal Farr or Horizontal Grilles * Visible Details Behind Grilles & Under Fan Covers * Available with Dual Mode QSI Sound & DCC Sound and DCC-equipped models can be operated on either DC or DCC layouts, and feature authentic model 567 prime mover recordings that include exhaust, improved throttle notching and transition sounds for change in traction motor electrical connection during acceleration, road-specific horn tone to match prototype, bell, squealing brakes, doppler effect, air let off and much more.


  • Manufacture

    Walthers Proto 2000



  • Product Number

    920 40604

  • Condition

    In sealed box pack

    Factory Dcc & Sound

    Mars lights.

  • Scale


  • Railroad

    Southern Pacific