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Lenz Digi Plus SET100 & TR 150 Transformer

Lenz Digi Plus SET100 & TR 150 Transformer

SKU: M31950
£285.00 Regular Price
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Lenz  Digital Plus SET100  +  Lenz TR150 Transformer   art 60100

Digital commande system with LH 100 tethered hand set

with all manuals - advised little use.

Pre Loved - in original boxes .


The  set comprises of one LH100 walk-around handset, a LVZ100 5 amps command station/amplifier and full instruction manuals for setup and operation of the system.

  • Manufacture info:-

    The LH100 is a tethered (cable connected) walk-around handset with a push-button keypad. A calculator style numerical pad is provided for locomotive or accessory decoder selection, with function control selector alongside. Above this are the direction and speed control buttons, with slow step-by-step (for pulling away from a station) or rapid (to get trains out of the fiddle yard quickly) acceleration/deceleration options.

    The LCD screen display provides a full reading of the speed/direction and function status of the locomotive being controlled 4 digit addressing is available, giving control of up to 256 locomotive and 999 accessory decoders. All forms of programming are supported including advanced one step address programming.

    The numerical keypad makes CV programming with the LH100 easier than with the LH90 and detailed functions can be defined. The LH100 can create momentary functions on a per function per locomotive basis and XpressNet handsets including the knob control LH90 can take advantage of any available momentary functions once set up.

    The LZV100 command station will support up to 31 handsets from Lenz or any other manufacturer using the Lenz XpressNet system.

  • Condition

    Digital Commande Set ,plus transformer in two boxes along with 4 manuals 

    light use, boxes show signs of wear

    Pre Loved.

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