Pennsylvania - "Pittsburgh' Solarium Car - NIB Con-Cor HO

Pennsylvania - "Pittsburgh' Solarium Car - NIB Con-Cor HO

SKU: C194578


Heavyweight passenger car by Con-Cor


New in box ex shop stock...


“HO” Models are scaled from 65 Ft long cars .


• Highly detailed car bodies, with separate wire handrails, and full interior details
• Complete with factory installed.interior lighting that works automatically in either “DC” or “DCC” mode
• Accurate paint and printing to match authentic railroad colors.
• Complete underbody details (14 individual parts)
• Operates comfortably on 18 inch radius curves
• Highly Detailed working car end diaphragms, with scissors end gates
• Super Detailed trucks,with very free rolling RP-25 metal wheels, and working knuckle couplers.

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    - 094411-02

  • Condition

    New in Boxes  - ex shop stock.

    Kadee style couplings

    Highly detailed




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