Baltimore & Ohio  "Capitol Limited"  10 Car set + E9 & E8 Dcc & Sound Walther's - HO

Baltimore & Ohio "Capitol Limited" 10 Car set + E9 & E8 Dcc & Sound NIB - HO

BALTIMORE & OHIO - "Capitol Limited"  - Open to offers.....

10 Car Streamlined Set with E9 & E8 Locomotives - DCC & Sound equipped.

New in Boxes - never opened 


Walthers Proto Specification :- 

B&O Capitol Limited Passenger Cars

Welcome aboard Baltimore & Ohio's famed flagship, The Capitol Limited -  WalthersProto name train in HO scale, featuring:

  • 10 Authentic B&O Cars - Most Available in Plastic for the Very First Time
  • Eight Newly-Tooled Signature Cars
  • New Modeler-Installed Extended Draft Gear for 22" Radius Curves
  • Based on Cars in Regular "Cap" Service from the Late 1950s to 1971
  • Real Metal Finish Simulates Stainless Steel as Appropriate
  • Paint Color-Matched to Original Drift Cards
  • Prototypically Accurate Window Tinting as Appropriate
  • Factory-Installed Steel Grab Irons
  • Car Name & Number Decals
  • Turned Metal Wheelsets
  • Proto MAX™ Metal Knuckle Couplers


Baltimore & Ohio Diesel-Electrics

Roaring across the Midwest or scaling the Alleghenies, B&O's E unit fleet was entrusted to keep The Cap on time, all the time! Replicas of the road's E9 and E8Bm diesels, our models are complete with authentic details, correct paint and lettering,  Soundtraxx® Tsunami® sound for DCC, featuring:

  • Limited Edition - One-Time Run of these Engine Numbers
  • Based on Class DP-6 (E9A Units) and Rebuilt DP7-X (E8Bm) Units featuring:
    * Raised B&O Capitol Dome Logo
    * Brass Nathan M5 Air Horn
    * Single Headlight with Flush "Glass" and Gasket Detail
    * Flush Number Boards
    * ATS Shoe on Engineer Side Truck
    * Stainless Steel Side Grilles
    * Full Fuel Tank Skirts
    * Improved Steam Generator Details
  • Available with Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound for DCC or DC Layouts
  • Five-Pole, Skew-Wound, High-Torque, High-Efficiency Can Motor
  • Helical Gears with 12:1 Ratio for Smooth, Ultra-Quiet Running
  • Correct 36" Wheels
  • Easy Multiple-Unit Operation
  • Proto MAX™ Metal Knuckle Couplers
  • Manufacture

    Walthers Proto 


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  • Condition

    Brand New in box

    Brought and never opened or used... looking for a new owner to enjoy it. - excellent streamliner set.

    From my own collection (which is having a focus review)

    This is a pre-owned model. 

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  • Railroad

    Baltimore & Ohio