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More new listings this week, Thank you for your patience.

Our travels are over, so the web site will be up and running hopefully as normal, we have more brass, plenty of HO freight cars and a host of switcher locos to list for your eye to enjoy although it may take a week or two.

In the mean time if you ever get the chance to visit Carson City in Nevada DO.

The web site does not do the museum and volunteer's justice - visit at the weekend when they generally have a railcar or loco running, Check their diary.

The restoration of Mckeen was excellent, and they had recently finished "Glenbrook" after 30 years - one of only two narrow gauge wood fired steam locos in the world (so we were informed) - which is going to have a major airing on 4th July... If it hand not been for Hollywood the majority of this collection would not have survived the war effort. They still have a lot of restoration work to do but they are heading the right direction. The staff were excellent and real enthusiasts.

We also encountered the normal UP runnings, plus near Eureka a Roundhouse, they never had or needed a turntable !!

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