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Happy New Year - We have made some changes to the site.

Updated: Jan 7

The NMRA BR Winter Meet on Sat 17th February 2024 will be at the Stokenchurch Community Centre, Bartholomew Tipping Lane, Stokenchurch HP14 3RX. - We Will Be There - please drop a line if you would like a particular item brought along..

We hope you are all keeping well and busy modeling,

We have made some changes that hopefully will make some searching on site a little easier.

The creation of Detail Parts page.

The amalgamation of DCC and Electrical items, the latter is now becoming more popular and easier to use and modeller are becoming more adventurous in their use . (we have an amount to list over the coming weeks).

The Logging category has been removed and the items will fall under the general listings of locos, Wagons etc.

The arrival of a large large layout that has sadly been dismantled is providing a variety of buildings, scenery items, and bridges (a few are below) built, painted and weathered - some custom made, many items have lighting besides additional detailing - these will be appearing on the site in due course.

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