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Benson Meeting Sunday 2nd Feb

Just a quick hello to say that AAMR will be at the above model railway meeting, with a cross section of mainly HO & O model railway rolling stock, books, Spare parts and others bits and bobs......

We have recently received a collection of Box, Refer, Gondola and flat cars with some cabooses all with kadees but unboxed, In the main: NYC, P&LE, NPL, Pennsy, MOW along with some unmarked wagons and a dozen or so tank cars.. too many to bring all along, but if there is a a road that interests you or any of the 'G or 1 gauge let us know and we will make sure that it is at the show.

A lot of the stock that will be at the show is NOT on the web site (or e-bay),

Currently not sure of our location at the event, last year I was on the stage so hopefully downstairs some where...

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